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High-pressure Pump & Valve Supplier
Scientific Quality Control
Comprehensive After-sale Service
1992 year
Service Starting from 1992
Global Market
Foreign trade amount reached $17 Million in 2012, accounting for 50% share of total sales since then.
Continuous Development
Since 2014, Petrel has continuously imported various machining and inspection equipment, spending over $10 million investing its quality control capability.
Company introduction
Wuxi Petrel high pressure pump valve factory was established in 1992, thanks to your company's love, so that "Petrel" growing, standing in the pump valve industry. "When water is full, it overflows; when people are full, they are proud." "Petrel" will not forget the achievements made in the past, but will use the new platform to establish a new direction and fly to a new goal.
"Petrel" has many qualifications, will be "professional ability, sincere attitude" as always for your company service, hope that we go forward hand in hand, create a better tomorrow!
Investment in Equipment and Hardware Facilities
Since 2014, Petrel has spent over $1.5 million to sustain products’ high quality, Petrel heavily invests its calibration lab by importing various inspection equipment for its quality control capability, such as German SPECTRO spectrometers for all key materials inspection, Brinell hardness gauges, cupping machine, Hexagon Global Silver Advantage 15.30.10 coordinate measuring machine, etc.
Our Service
Pre-sale Service:
Detailed communication with clients to understand the requests on parameters and operation condition. Based on the received request, recommend the most cost-effective product type.
In-sale Service:
Report production progress based on the delivery request. Provide the quality certificate.
After-sale Service:
1. When the product is shipped to the delivery address, assign a staff to come and support unpackaging.
2. During the progress of setup, assign a technician (if requested) to the site and provide guidance free of charge.
3. During the progress of testing and adjustment, additionally assign a lead engineer to support on site to help the machine reach required capability.
4. Within warranty period (12 months after operation), respond request within 1 business day. Arrive on site to fix the problem within 3 business days. Pay regular return visits for feedback.
5. For first overhauling, assign technician engineers to serve guidance.
6. Provide free training for clients’ operators, including product maintenance, control and operation.
Applications & Samples